The fully refundable (subject to the tenancy agreement being signed) retainer, equivalent to 1 week's rent, is required to reserve the flat for an agreed period of time.

All rent payable in advance.

Minimum 6 month rental period.

Employer, bank, and previous landlord's references. If self employed, certified accounts will suffice. (Click to see sample)

The deposit to be paid in cash/bankers draft. PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your bank, you may not be able to withdraw the full deposit in cash on the day when it is due. Please arrange to be in possession of funds on the day when the funds are due.*

Photocopy of photo page of  passport or E.U. I.D. card.

A copy of  the Tenant's Particulars form to be filled in and submitted.

All Prices exclude all bills, unless stated otherwise. None of our properties require the tenant(s) to pay any sort of a "Service Charge".

A copy of the Rental Agreement may be viewed here.

The deposit will be returned by cheque (or by direct bank transfer)  after the inventory clerk has carried out his check and the tenant has vacated the premises, subject to the terms of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme

–źdditional important points

Please note that the items below are all outlined in more detail on the Tenancy Agreement

For tenants who are sharing a unit, on a single tenancy agreement, please note that our tenancies are "Joint and Several".  This means that all tenants are responsible for the payment of the whole rent and of the whole deposit. If one person fails to pay their deposit, rent and/or causes damage to the property, then all of the tenants are responsible for the rectification of the problem. In effect all tenants guarantee each other's payments and conduct.

As the tenancies are "Joint and Several", when one person vacates a room in a shared flat or house, (or  gives notice of his/her intention to leave), it will be deemed that the whole tenancy is terminating, and all of the other tenants must also leave. In this case, the remaining tenants may decide to find another person (with acceptable references) to share the accommodation with, and enter into a new Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement with the landlord. In this case a new Inventory Check must be carried out, a new tenancy agreement drawn up and the relevant fees paid.

For the purposes of the tenancy deposit scheme, there will need to be a "nominated tenant", who will be responsible for the dealing of matters which arise regarding the rental deposit - see the next paragraph:

A deposit relating to a Joint Tenancy Agreement?

The difference in procedure for a deposit relating to a joint tenancy agreement surrounds the creation of a Nominated Tenant who the  tenancy deposit scheme ("the scheme") is authorised to deal with when handling disputes. The landlord will provide details of all tenants party to the tenancy agreement to the scheme including details of the Nominated Tenant. The Scheme will advise the Nominated Tenant of his/her status with the Scheme. If the Nominated Tenant is not prepared to undertake the responsibility, or the Nominated Tenant needs to be changed (perhaps the original Nominated Tenant has left the property) then the Scheme must be advised by either the Landlord or Nominated Tenant. The scheme will only correspond with either the landlord or the Nominated Tenant advised to the Scheme in matters regarding the deposit. Other tenants party to the Joint Tenancy Agreement will not be recognised by the scheme.

There is no sub-letting allowed under the terms of the tenancy contract.

All tenancies should complete their full term and not be terminated early.

To terminate the tenancy after the fixed term, the tenant must give at least one month's WRITTEN notice, which must expire the day before a Rent Due Date. The final month's rent must be fully paid, even if the tenant wishes to vacate the property earlier than the date stated in the notice.

None of the terms of the tenancy (the contract), are negotiable. We can not alter any terms contained within the agreement.

There is a fee of £10 payable to the landlord, to cover costs for each and every letter sent to the tenant concerning breaches of the tenancy agreement.

There is a charge of £20 to the Landlord for any payment presented to the Landlord bank which is subsequently returned, refused or re-presented by the bank for any reason. This fee will be payable for each presentation.

The tenant must notify the relevant authorities of the date of the start of the tenancy and also to arrange and pay the final accounts at the end of the tenancy.

The tenants are expected to pay for the entire invoice and costs of any contractors that the Tenant arranges unless previously authorized in writing by the Landlord.

The tenant should pay the Landlord for the cost of replacing the locks and cutting new keys if any keys are not returned to the Landlord or the Landlord’s Agent. Please look at the Emergency or Lost keys page for information on lost keys and locks during the term of your tenancy.

The tenant must not keep motorcycles, cycles or other similar machinery inside the Property except in any designated area outside area or garage which is a part of the property under the tenancy agreement.

The tenant must check the inventory and report any errors/deficiencies to the Landlord’s Agent, returning a copy with any annotations/corrections as necessary within 7 days of the start of the tenancy. If the inventory is not returned within 7 days, it will be assumed to be an accurate description of the Property including the contents as handed over to the Tenant.

If you are paying your rent by Direct Debit, please make sure that your name (or property address) is clearly identifiable as the source of the funds, by completing the relevant section of the DD mandate correctly.

If paying rent in CASH please make sure that you are given a receipt with details of your name, the date and the address of the property. You are entitled to a rent book (should you wish to have one). Should you need an up to date rental statement at any time, please contact us and we will fax, email or post one to you.

Finally, please note that as your Landlord we have full Building's Insurance, including Public Liability cover. However, the tenant's belongings are not covered under this. PLEASE arrange for your own content's insurance and ALWAYS use all of the locks on your doors and windows. Email Us or call 020 7221 3442 (between 9 am and 5 pm) to arrange a viewing, and for further information.

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