Bakproco Ltd.

Kiana Residence and Yana Residence

Sofia Lifestyle means European standard. We offer all services related to property management: development, investment, sales, consultation and maintenance. We own the properties that we offer, we are not agents, hence our offers are more favourable and our services – better.


Sofia Lifestyle means new, unique approach to residential building - distinct contemporary design and a new level of services to our clients. We combine skill and precision with modern technologies and materials in order to create one of the most tempting places of residence in Sofia.


Sofia Lifestyle means security. We offer best answer to your security from highly secure front doors and intercoms in all apartments up to direct video surveillance.


Sofia Lifestyle develops lodgings in the most prestigious neighborhood in order to create a high quality home for you. Each apartment is designed and realized to the best standards. We provide services and facilities that make your life stylish and efficient.

Bakproco Ltd.

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